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import { Request, Response } from "express";
import promiseMiddleware from "../../helper/promiseMiddleware";
import RequestError, { HttpStatusCode } from "../../helper/request_error";
import RefreshToken from "../../models/refresh_token";
import User from "../../models/user";
import Permission from "../../models/permissions";
import Client from "../../models/client";
import getOAuthJWT from "../../helper/jwt";
const JWTRoute = promiseMiddleware(async (req: Request, res: Response) => {
let { refreshtoken } = req.query;
if (!refreshtoken) throw new RequestError(req.__("Refresh token not set"), HttpStatusCode.BAD_REQUEST);
let token = await RefreshToken.findOne({ where: { token: refreshtoken }, include: [User, Permission, Client] });
if (!token) throw new RequestError(req.__("Invalid token"), HttpStatusCode.BAD_REQUEST);
let user = await User.findById(token.user);
if (!user) {
//TODO handle error!
let client = await Client.findById(token.client);
let jwt = await getOAuthJWT({ user, permissions: token.permissions, client });
res.json({ token: jwt });
export default JWTRoute;