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This repository is part of the NodeName Project, a simple to use and very flexible Nameserver implementation for NodeJS.

What does this NodeName-Core contain?

NodeName-Core is responsible for several things:

  • parsing incoming DNS requests
  • serializing outgoing answers
  • providing storage backend API definition


   const Core = new DnsCore();
   Core.addStorage(new AnyStoragePlugin(options), timeout?);
   // One or multiple storage plugins
   // All Storage engines are requested at the same time all their results will be processed
   // Optionally an timeout can be defined after wich this storage engine will be ignored
   // If no others answer an error is returned in Response

   Core.addMonitoring(new MonitoringPlugin(options));
   // Async called Monmitoring plugin.

   Core.addListener(new ListenetPlugin(options));

   // The question plugin can handle on or more Questions and needs to
   // make shure, that it creates the desired output. It is responsible
   // for handeling the question and optionally add additional questions
   // to be resolved.
   Core.addQuestionHandler(new QuestionPlugin(options));